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3rd Paediatric Nordic Food Allergy Symposium

Nutricia Academia 3rd Paediatric Nordic Food Allergy Symposium Stockholm March 15, 2018

Nutricia is pleased to invite paediatricians, paediatric dietitians and allergy nurses involved in the management of food allergic children to a day focusing on Active Allergy Management - Going Beyond Symptom Relief

The Programme covers: 
• Gut Microbiota
• Dysbiosis
• Immunomodulation
• Synbiotics

Professor Maria Jenmalm, PhD, Linköping, Sweden
Associate Professor Robert Saalman, MD, PhD, Gothenburg, Sweden

Professor Maria Jenmalm, PhD, Linköping, Sweden
Dr. Adam Fox, MD, Consultant and clinical lead, London, United Kingdom
Associate Professor Christina West, MD, PhD, Umeå, Sweden
Associate Professor John Penders, PhD, Department of Medical Microbiology, Maastrich, Netherlands

This is a Nordic initiative and there will be representatives from all the Nordic countries attending the meeting.
We hope this will be an inspiring day with new scientific input, and interesting discussions.


When: March 15, 2018
Time: 10-16
Where: World Trade Center, Stockholm

The symposium, including light breakfast/coffee at breaks and lunch, is provided free of charge.

Click here for registration.

Last day of registration: February 15, 2018. The day is free of charge but the number of places is limited.
Don’t forget to obtain your manager's approval to participate in the meeting.

Lectures and discussions will be held in English. 

For questions, please contact Pernilla Klippberg at Nutricia: